Paws, Prayers 'n People - "Tending to the Spirits of Animals One Human At a Time."
A Path to Animal Chaplaincy and Beyond!

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  • Do you have an animal companion?  Do you believe animals have souls?
  • What do you suppose our pets and all animals are here to teach us? 

Me and the White Horse    My Path to Animal Chaplaincy:  The White Horse
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  • What can we do to honor our pet's lives and protect every animal from harm? 

My Animal Companions - Furbabies   My Shih Tzu, Smudgy.   Kismet, My Maine Coon
We have seen the Light of Spirit in their eyes, felt a gentle nuzzle in our time of need.  Their silly antics have made us smile, and they have taught us lessons of life and death and in between.

The species does not matter.  Their gifts are all the same.

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Jazz for Cows The New Hot 5, American-based jazz band plays for a herd of cows in Autrans, France. The unedited footage is now uploaded on our channel in two parts. If you want to hear more,...
Paws, Prayers 'n People welcomes you and invites you to join me on my path towards Animal Chaplaincy wherever it may lead.  
It is my pleasure to share with you my ongoing experiences about my journey towards Animal Chaplaincy on my Blog.  So, please check back often for updates.  Feel free to take part with your own animal companion stories or any questions you might have for me.

 A Tribute to Animal Companions
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Paws, Prayers and People
A tribute to the canine companions that have given us so much.
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