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Paws, Prayers 'n People - "Tending to the Spirits of Animals One Human At a Time."
About Us:  Myself and My Animal Companions
ONE COLD, SNOWY NIGHTOne cold, snowy, winter night a week before Christmas Eve, a six-year-old girl walked down the tree-lined street of her home in Connecticut. The snow felt like a crunchy carpet as she walked the family dog.
Paws and Prayers
After studying the paw prints of her animal companion, she began to hear the quiet above the sound of their footsteps.
She stopped and listened to a multitude of tics as each flake gently found its right place on the one before. 
Picking up her head, she felt snowflakes gently alight on her face and wondered in amazement if it were true that every snowflake was truly an original.
Oneness of Nature
Becoming one with the night, the snow, Christmas Lights shining in open-draped windows, she became so grateful to Rexi, her animal companion, knowing he was sharing this moment with her.
PEOPLE AND ANIMAL COMPANIONSThis was not my first awareness of Nature and Animals but it certainly elevated me to a place of Oneness that was indeed magical.
I believe God gives the gift of animal companions to people for many different reasons.
I know of no other hearts so open, so loyal and supportive, and all without reservation.
Our Animal Companions teach us how to live in the moment and how to care for one another.
It is this connection to the Oneness of Nature, the Compassion of Animals, and the People who love them which has drawn me to this path towards Animal Chaplaincy.